pink meringues

I apologize for not having a chance to post the second part of Ali’s reception guest post yesterday, but I was in Alex City, Alabama for a family funeral and didn’t have access to the internet to upload Part II. I’m back in Atlanta now and have an AMAZING day of posts planned to make up for the lag yesterday. We’ve got Ali’s guest post I didn’t upload yesterday, a wonderful DIY project from Laurie, and a lovely feature containing the image above.

On another note: I still remember sitting in my 2nd period Chemistry class when the news of twin towers came over the intercom. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims from the attacks on 9/11 and of the soldiers who lost their lives fighting overseas.

Ali’s guest post is coming up next…


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Kathryn | Reply

Ooh – I discovered her website yesterday! Oodles of good stuff!


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