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Wedding Lemonade Ideas

It already feels like summer here in Atlanta, so a nice batch of freshly made lemonade sounds really nice right about now………. {Photos left to right, top to bottom: glass lemonade container via zzilch, manson jar lemonade via MS, pink lemonade with straws via Rebecca Thuss, glass lemonade jars by Fiore Designs via Snippet &… Read more »

Rustic Florals

Beautiful rustic flowers created with earth tone colors by April Joy……………………………….. {Photos c/o Pen Carlson Photography}

Six Degrees of a Couple

Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered how the bride and groom are connected to all of their guests? This information graphic cleverly displays how the bride and groom know each of their guests, which guests are connected to each other, and how long each guest has been in acquaintance with the happy couple…. Read more »

Crumb Catchers

Im seeing a lot of gowns with “crumb catcher” style tops this season, but Im not quite sure how I feel about them. On one hand I like seeing fabric manipulated in different ways rather than the typical a-line bodice, but a crumb catcher at the top of a wedding gown is somewhat odd. What… Read more »