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Lovely Weekend + Stuck Labels

This week feels like it has flown by, so I apologize if the blog seemed a little light this week. Lots of work behind the scenes with a couple of fun projects that I can’t wait to share with you, but until then – I hope everyone has a great weekend! Next week we have… Read more »

Lovely Weekend + Thankful

There are mornings I wake up amazed that I get to spend my days talking about weddings and writing on Once Wed(of course there are mornings where I wake up a little stressed because that is apparently what happens when you own your own biz too but i try not to focus on mornings like… Read more »

Lovely Weekend

I am so excited to introduce you to our oh-so-sweet guest blogger, Celine. All next week she will be sharing tons of details and projects from her adorable handmade wedding back in September. Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you back here on early Monday morning. Also, I… Read more »

The Not Wedding

Have you ever attended a bridal show before? Do you usually walk away not only feeling completely uninspired, but overwhelmed with ideas that you could never incoroporate in your own wedding? Well, do I have a solution for you. I am so excited to finally tell you about an amazing event happening in Atlanta at… Read more »