Making a veil at home can be just as simple as hunting for one. This birdcage veil was custom made for the bride above, Halligan Norris Smith. The assemblage process took only a couple of hours and shopping for the materials was even less time. The best part is that you have the custom veil you wanted, for much less money. Click “more” below to read the rest of the tutorial…



Materials & Tools

-4×4 Square of felt

-1/2 yd of 9 or 8” wide Russian veiling

-Hat combs (optional, bobby pins may substitute)

-Fabric glue

-Good luck charm

-3 silk or fabric flowers, source: craft store, tinseltrading.com

-8 filler flowers, millinery or small silk flowers work well

-Needle & thread


-Straight pins

-Ruler/ measuring tape


Step 1-Cut heart from felt using template or freehand

Step 2-Cut veiling to 14” piece, if you want a fuller veil add an inch or two, demonstrate fullness by gathering the fabric in one hand. When cutting, be sure to cut just below the “knots”


Step 3-With needle and thread make a continuous running stitch starting with a cut edge, then work needle along one finished edge and thru the other cut edge. Leaving opposite finished edge open. Be sure to catch each stitch through the “knots” of the veiling.

Step 4- Gather to fit on felt heart, then tack down by stitching with needle and thread. At this point play with veiling and placement using a model head or in the mirror. If using combs, attach now to opposite side of heart that veil is attached to.

Steps 5 & 6-Pin flowers to heart, on top of veiling to figure out best placement, then tack down with needle and thread or glue into place.


Step 7-Once main flowers are set into place add filler flowers, good luck charms or trims to your liking. Set flowers by gluing stem ends and sticking them in-between main flowers. Charms or trims can be added with needle and thread.

Project created by Haylie Bird Waring


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Michele | Reply

Love, love, love this. So perfect.

WL | Reply

I don’t quite get what happens to the actual veil between 4 and 6, does it all go beneath the flowers? Can we have more photos from different angles- that would help to illustrate how to get the flip-down part of the veil? Thanks!

HaylieBird | Reply

Dear WL,
I’m sorry I don’t have anymore images, but yes, the flowers go over the veil, where the veil is stitched to the heart. You will see when you gather the veiling, it creates a bubble like form, and that portion hangs down over the eyes, you are only attaching a small portion of the veil (the gathered end) to the felt piece. As I worked on the veil, the part that hangs over the eyes was folded under the felt heart to keep from getting it tangled. I hope this helps. From now on I will be better about documenting each step and from different angles.

Melissa | Reply

This is my favorite site for wedding and entertaiinment decor ideas. I saw a suprise wedding reception on the Color Me Katie blog and I thought you might enjoy it. Here is the link.

Carolyn of Serendipity & Spark | Reply

This just made me SOOOOOOO excited! Thanks for sharing :)

Sheila | Reply

Where can you buy Russian veiling? I’ve bee looking for it everywhere with no success.

Manders | Reply

Caroyln, I had to order mine online… try this place. They shipped mine so quickly! You have to order a whole yard, but it’s worth it if you want to try out a few different things (or mess up)!


Manders | Reply

I meant Sheila… oopsie!

HaylieBird | Reply

Dear Sheila,
I found this online source, http://www.hatsupply.com/russianveiling.htm
but I have never ordered from here before, I actually purchased the veiling that I used for Halli’s veil at Tinsel Trading in New York City, but I have also seen it at several other bridal supply shops that I have visited in the past few months. Also check at etsy.com (search under supplies).
I hope this helps. Good luck on your search.

midwestelle | Reply

Thank you thank you! I am definitely bookmarking this post for when I need it! :)
Best Wishes!

BridalWeddingBoutique.com | Reply

This is beautiful! Great idea!

seamsgoodtome | Reply

Love this- thank you!!
manders- thank you for the website. i ordered a yard last night!
cant wait to get started
id love to see pics if anyone makes one!!

myDIYweddingday | Reply

So beautiful! Including in my link roundup.

cherry | Reply

This is beautiful! Thank you for showing how to make it.

Heather | Reply

This was so helpful and I can’t wait to make it! Thank you so much..

Kimberly | Reply

I made this veil in about 2 hours and $30.00 thanks for the tips.

Ashley | Reply

Awesome! Thank you so much! I didn’t want to spend $100 for the bird cage that I found in the boutique so learning how to make this helped so much. I like the one that I made from these directions way more than the one that I found in the boutique. I altered the measurements of the veiling though, so it could act more as a reception veil without me having to feel weird with something over my eyes the whole time. Thanks again for the help!

Shealyn | Reply

The best place I have found for netting and other art and wedding supplies is etsy.com! They have great stuff!

elegant dresses | Reply

The wedding veil is gorgeous. I will do one for myself.

Linda P. | Reply

This looks lovely. I have many DIY brides friends that would love this. Great post.

Alyx | Reply

They are so lovely…thank you for this tutorial…

zemora cage | Reply

Lovely lovely, can’t thank u enough 4 the bride I’m making this for! She was elated indeed. Thanks again MOMZ

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Wedding Halls in Long Island | Reply

both beautiful & fabulous. just perfect! can’t wait to try it out!!