Win a wedding dress from Saja!

18 Responses to “Win a wedding dress from Saja!”

  1. Gattina

    How beautiful these dresses are! I guess, many brides-to-be wish to wear a piece of the wonderful Saja-collection for their own wedding, because they’re so special and different from traditional bridal gowns.

  2. Katherine Murray

    HI! I love your website as i find myself on here from pinterest often! Our wedding website is still in the works! We haven’t taken our engagement pictures yet so all the pictures up are fillers until we get those taken! We were supposed to take them on the 5th but Sandy hit (we live in Jersey City). Anyway, Saja is one of my favorite designers and I just love the 2013 line. Have a lovely day!–Kate

  3. Danielle Urbina

    This is the first time I actually love the look of a wedding dress. These dressings are absolutely stunning.

  4. Lauren

    I got engaged in October and my wedding is April 14, 2013. Unfortunately part of the aftermath of Sandy was losing my affordable caterer. I would be on cloud nine if I won a lovely dress from Saja. It would really help the budget get back on track.


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