DIY Seating Chart made Easy!

diy wedding seating chart

If you’ve gotten through this stage of planning your wedding you’ll appreciate how tricky seating arrangements can be. We don’t usually share things that have already made an appearance on the web but we loved this genius tutorial from Something Turquoise so much we asked Stefanie from Lavender Joy Weddings and Ryan Ray to shoot this easy (and budget friendly!) seating chart tutorial for Once Wed. Isn’t it great?!?

SeatingChartDIY 001 Copy

Supplies: Inexpensive kraft paper or postal wrap, (Pictured isĀ postal wrap from The Container Store for $2.99/roll), scissors, post-it notes, glass, and a pen.



1. Using the glass as a guide, draw circles onto the kraft paper to represent the floor plan for the reception.

2. Cut each post-it into strips (trim them if they overlap each other).

SeatingChartDIY 004 Copy

3. Write the names of your wedding guests on the post-it strips, designating a color for each group of guests (i.e., his family, her family, work, college…).

SeatingChartDIY 010 Copy

4. Arrange the post-it strips on the floor plan to create an easily-adjustable seating chart. Move ‘guests’ around until you’re pleased with the arrangement!

Project: Stefanie of Lavender Joy Weddings // Photography: Ryan Ray

13 Responses to “DIY Seating Chart made Easy!”

  1. Brenda Kay

    I can see this “dressed up” to use as the actual seating guide at a wedding reception.

  2. Patrice @ Wedding Ideas Now

    Thank you for the time-saving tip! I’m sure all the brides-to-be will love it.

    I agree with Brenda Kay, you could incorporate your wedding colors and use this as a “seating map” for your guests.

  3. Kirsten

    This indeed is a great DIY project to get your guests seating organized! Seating arrangements are actually a lot simpler than people think, especially once you have an accurate count of how many people you will have present.

  4. Praveen

    This is so smart and makes light of the chaos that seating chart planning can bring about! Linking back to this{}


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