Simple and Natural Wedding Ideas II


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For a simple, natural, Australian wedding, I would love the attire to be relaxed, but still refined and sharp. I would choose my own wedding dress again (and again!) something soft and flowing, but not too over the top. (There’s a little peek of my own wedding dress in these posts)

The ceremony would be honest and genuine, set amongst the trees and rocks overlooking the ocean. Our vows would be written by ourselves and read together. I would include wishing stones that would be given to each guests to wish upon for the bride and groom and collected for us to keep. The paper goods would be minimal and thoughtful, with a focus on fine details and textures. Guests would receive white cotton letterpressed invitations tied with natural linen twine, sent in kraft paper button and string envelopes, hand stamped and addressed in white.

I would love the celebration to be held in a rustic space, like a little timber boatshed looking over the water with white panel board walls and high ceilings with exposed beams. It would be a short walk from the ceremony and we would walk together with our guests – I would love to have a beautiful wedding procession involving every guest as well as the wedding party. On entering, a welcome drink of homemade lemonade would be offered to each guest, decorated with native wildflowers and wax paper straws with ‘eat, drink and be married!’ paper flags.

All images: Paper goods and styling by Follow Studio // Flowers by Melinda Tualima // Photographed by Lauren Michelle

Dress image: SugarLove Weddings

Tomorrow – part two of our inspiration shoot, and more on flowers, table setting and menu.

10 Responses to “Simple and Natural Wedding Ideas II”

  1. Laura

    Interesting. This would be a super fun setup for the dinner table while camping or backyard. I gotta get me some burlap and mason jars. Actually. I know a bride who’s having a bbq wedding. I wonder if she’s be into this..

  2. joy thigpen

    this is beautiful, jessie, melinda, and lauren! thank you so much for filling in for me! (i can’t tell you how nice it is to be snuggled up with little linus and see beautiful posts magically appear!)

  3. Jessie

    Oh thank you Joy! I’m so glad you like it, and I’m so happy to be here filling in for you, congratulations on your newest little one.


  4. Jacqui

    I wish I had done something beautifully simple and striking like this instead of spending hours creating bunches of flowers for the centrepieces! (and getting lots of cuts on my hands!)


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