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How precious is this wedding??? All put together by family and friends. So much love….beautiful photography….and it probably doesn’t hurt that the bride and groom are rather easy on the eyes, too! ;) Below is a little interview with Molly…

What made you fall in love with Max? Max first won me over by his looks. I mean, look at him. But very quickly I saw his humor, which is exactly like mine, and that drew me to him initially. But the thing that made me want to marry Max was the way he treated me. Never before have I been treated with such respect and love by a man. Never have I been so cherished and taken care of. I have never felt more myself and never been pushed so much to be a better person, daughter, sister, friend, lover. Max makes me a better me. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else and I wouldn’t want to be that with anyone other than Max.

Why did you choose your venue? We wanted an outdoorsy feel for our wedding and Max works for the Boy Scouts so we started looking at all the Boy Scout camps in the So Cal area and found this one. It was perfectly tucked away in the hills of Orange County so we could be as loud as we wanted for as long as we wanted and we were able to use the camp all weekend so we stayed there the night before and after. It also had a little amphitheater which was perfect for the ceremony.

Where did your inspiration for your decor come from? We wanted it to look like we were on a picnic. Max and I love packing up a picnic and going to the park so we set out blankets for people to sit on during the ceremony. We also gathered a bunch of vintage table cloths and sheets to cover the tables and all the flowers looked like they had been picked from a garden. There was also a Native American feel. Lots of chevron stripes and I wore moccasins. Our decor was kind of all over the place but we were at a camp so I think it all meshed together pretty well.

Can you describe some of your favorite moments as you look back on your wedding day? My best friend grabbed me the morning of the wedding when I was trying to figure out how to help with set up and she said “This is YOUR day. You are not helping. I’m taking you back to the room where we will put our pajamas back on, hang out, laugh and probably nap.” We did just that. It was the best ‘morning before the wedding’ ever! Once it was time for the ceremony, I felt so calm and rested and ready to marry the man of my dreams. Another moment I loved was when all the little kids that had come to the wedding gathered together and walked down the aisle yelling “The bride is coming. The bride is coming.” right before I walked down.

Photography: Braedon Photography // Venue: Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center // Invitations: Wiley Valentine // Wedding Dress: Willow & Clay  available at Nordstrom // Makeup by Amie E. Smith // Moccasins : Urban Outfitters // Headpiece: Moorea Seal // Groom Suit: Banana Republic (pants), J.Crew (jacket), Johnston & Murphy (shoes), Urban Outfitters (shirt), Geoffrey Beene (suspenders) // Cinematography: McDuff Productions (no website yet) // Event Planner: My mom // Floral Design: Wendy Wiley Turney (best friend’s mom) // Music: Our mix // Catering: Hector Velez (Max’s brother-in-law’s dad and also the full time chef at our wedding venue)


Comments (52)

aa | Reply

so very cute

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

we love everything about this wedding! a little hippie love with sweet details! Braedon F. captures only the best!

Shannon | Reply

Such a great idea. The couple is beautiful. I really love the bride’s headpiece. Very unique.

Chloe @ Caught the Light | Reply

Oh my. What utter gorgeousness. They are both movie-star beautiful and outdoor weddings make my heart swell. Braedon, you are a rockstar.

McKenzie Powell | Reply

Yes, I love the meshed together styles! It works great. And that venue… perfect!

Laura | Reply

Wow a boyscout wedding! Weddings just keep on getting more and more creative with these themes!

Peggy | Reply

Wow, this is stunning, I love the mish mash of styles it really works and you can sense how much they love each other from the pictures, beautiful. Love the relaxed vibe going on and she rocks that headpiece it looks amazing :)

{love+cupcakes} | Reply

Those invites are awesome!

Fashion Foie Gras | Reply

What an amazing wedding!

jenn {bow tie & bustle} | Reply

Obsessed with this wedding! The couple is so gorgeous! And those chevron invitations?!?!? Swooooon!

c. | Reply

Love the rings, where are they from?

holly | Reply

the bride’s ensemble is stunning!

Greer Loves | Reply

Beautiful wedding! Love the mason jars for margaritas!

Molly Cutrone | Reply

THANK YOU Once Wed for featuring our wedding!!! And thank YOU for all your sweet comments :) The rings were found on Ebay. Max picked mine out WITHOUT my help. Let’s just say he’s a pretty great gift giver. And we found his ring together. We are still amazed at how perfectly they match. They are from the 20’s and we like to pretend that they were made for a man and wife and then the rings were separated when the couple died. Okay that sounds a little morbid, but then we imagine that we found the rings and reunited them. Cheese, I know :) The invitations were made by Wiley Valentine but the chevron stripes on the back are from a painting by the amazing Joanna Goss (joannagoss.com). Thanks again Once Wed!!! xoxox. the bride

Wayne Foster entertainment | Reply

Loving this wedding!!!!!!! Yummy invites and love all the detail!!

Leila | Be Inspired PR | Reply

Love love love this rustic wedding! The couple is beautiful and the photography really highlights their love on such a special day!

Bec | Reply

A beauty! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Madison | Reply

have to say when i saw those first few pics i was thinking wow lucky girl but a few more pics down the line and i was thinking what a gorgeous couple!! Love this wedding, the last pic is just beautiful.

Angie | Reply

really beautiful wedding. thanks for inspiring.

candis press | Reply

such a hippy chic wedding! love!

laura | Reply

Wowza, that is simply perfection at it’s best.

Addison | Reply

I just love everything about this wedding. I love the line (zigzag) theme. Also, the drinks out of a mason jar is perfect. I wish to have that same idea at my wedding one day. Beautiful wedding!!

Moorea Seal | Reply

i feel so special that she wore my headpiece! love her!
xo moorea

Elegant Wedding Invitations | Reply

What a delightful wedding. So pretty.

Ramona | Reply

Wow this is gorgeous and awesome!

Laura Murray | Reply

Love her hair piece!!! Beautiful wedding.

Anne-Marie | Reply

What an incredible wedding, the photos are just beautiful and I love the explanations. Just lovely.

Melissa - Fresh In Love Photography | Reply

LOVE the ‘LOVERS’ sign!! Such a real and beatiful wedding!!

kate holt | Reply

frickin’ fun wedding. invites are gorgeous. pictures are lovely. very very sweet

Bri | Reply

These are ridiculously good looking people. A stunning couple + cool accessories + passion + adorable details=Best wedding I’ve seen in ages.

Juliana | Reply

I want this wedding to be mine. Love it!! So inspiring!


Chelsea C. | Reply

Love every bit of it. I feel like I know the couple just from looking at their photos!

Haley | Reply

The first thing I said when I saw him was “DAMN,” and then I saw the rest and I said “awww”

Jessie | Reply

I need that Willow & Clay dress in my life!

haydee9 | Reply

I love everything about this wedding, its so creative and beautifully planned and the venue is perfect.

small | Reply

Amazing wedding! Love the style- from the bouquets to the ink!

Malori | Reply

I adore her dress and OH MY GOD how attractive is that couple? They’re going to make some gorgeous kids

taylor | Reply

such a gorgeous event! love the shawl she wore…any idea where it’s from??

Jolene | Reply

Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding.

Aileen@LoveandLavender | Reply

Oh my gosh, hard to believe this is a real wedding and not a styled shoot! The bride and groom could both be models and all the details are SO lovely.

Kelly Zajfen | Reply

Unreal! This wedding is so original in every way. I love the rings!!!

McAvoy photography | Reply

wow, beautiful wedding, you captured the day perfectly and the colours are great!

Carly McCray | Reply

Love-love-LOVE-love-LOVE!!!! What a beautiful wedding + love all the colors and flare. You can just tell this is exactly who this couple is. Perfect!

Courtney | Reply

First off, I don’t think this couple could be any more attractive. They are both so unbelievably gorgeous. Second, I want to live in this wedding. It just feels so honest and raw, like they’re not about to put on any pretenses just for the sake of the guests. And I love that.

Hayley Mann | Reply

Love those turquoise wedding rings!!!!! Such a cool looking couple!

Kathrine | Reply

I love this wedding – beautiful couple, beautiful venue. Especially loving her headpiece and dress.

Angela | Reply

just an absolutely inspiring and gorgeous couple, wedding, atmosphere…EVERYTHING. looks you two were absolutely ‘YOU’ on such a special day. thanks for being a true inspiration!

Katie | Reply

So, I love the groom’s outfit. Anyone know where to start shopping for a similar ensemble

alexie | Reply

What an amazing wedding!

Flgroe Studios | Reply

That’s a unique theme!

Wedding Photographers Hyderabad | Reply

Amazing! The couple is beautiful. I really love the bride’s headpiece. Very unique. Great work <3


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