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So I imagine this as the scene for the wedding ceremony. Something out under the trees with strings of white paper birds radiating from a point above and behind the couple’s heads. We just tied ours into the branches the tree provided. This modern/rustic/minimalist look is all about using humble materials in simple and understated ways.

Red Wedding BouquetFlying Paper Bird On String Bride GroomPaper Dove String Bride GroomSaja Scallopini Wedding Dress006002 R1 E030Paper Birds Strung On Tree

By the way, do you remember a little while ago when we asked for some readers to come shoot with us in Santa Ynez? Bethany and Caleb answered the call all the way from Virginia Beach! They were so great in this mini shoot. And be sure to check back in Wednesday…you’re gonna melt when you see what happened in their other shoot! :)

Photography by Jose Villa

Hair and Makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup

Flowers by Flowerwild

Dress by Saja…now available here!

Dove Template

Here’s a template for the doves if you’d like to make this yourself.

INSTRUCTIONS: Just print these onto 11×14 card stock, cut them out and string them up! We used white cotton twine from a hardware store and poked two little holes in the center near the front and back to thread each bird. To help create the feeling of flight, I folded a crease along the middle of about two-thirds of the birds and left maybe a third flat . For half of the folded birds, I created a little paper bridge that attached to each wing and strung the twine through the bridge and that made the birds whose wings are up. Thanks to Jessica Carberry for drawing the template and cutting out all those birds!


Comments (25)

Arizona Weddings Magazine | Reply

Absolutely love the soft white landscape with the doves accent along the trees! The bouquet is the perfect splash of color.

Arizona Weddings

Nicole F. | Reply

The birds are wonderful. Can you provide information about how you made them (stencil, etc.). Thanks!

Erin | Reply

I’m also curious as to how you made the birds! I love them! How are they attached to the strings?

liv | Reply

I would love the template for the birds!

melissa | Reply

Is it just me, or are there just way, way more affordable and beautiful dresses out there now than when I bought my dress just about two years ago?! I mean, Saja and David’s Bridal existed but their options were nowhere near as beautiful as they are now! Not fair!

Leila | Be Inspired PR | Reply

SUCH a chic addition! love the light and airy feel that comes with these beautiful creations!

Nicole | Reply

Love the birds! How did you make them? Did you just cut out birds in different positions and then string them together? A template would be awesome!!

Tiffanyt | Reply

Such a pretty outdoor wedding



robyn michelle-lee photography | Reply

love the softness of jose villa’s film and of the paper birds!

joythigpen | Reply

i’m on it! template and instructions coming right up!

The Memory Journalists | Reply

Beautiful! What a great idea and a lovely touch to an outdoor wedding. Thanks for sharing.

kate Holt | Reply

love love love how you ladies put this together!!! Jose…the film is perfection per the usual!

Sharon Reid | Reply

BEAUTIFUL bouquet, Kate Holt! Love it! :)

mark tattersall | Reply

I always think it works great when the bride and groom wear light colours, the photographs take on a totally different dynamic.

Danielle | Studio Fleurette | Reply

I have never seen anything like that red bouquet! What talent! Stunning design!

Stacygk | Reply

Beautiful dress; I love Saja.

Madison | Reply

The first picture just takes your breath away! A gorgeously simple shoot, the photos just look so light and airy. Loving the dress!

Michelle | Reply

I love the birds! I’m excited to see how you did it! Where will you be posting the instructions?

Hailey | Reply

I totally have to re-create that bird garland. The template doesn’t seem to open up though?
Such a lovely idea!

reub envision | Reply

~the flowers & the birds & the whole thing is just superb ! loves it all!

Shoshana Coodin Bernstein | Reply

I love the images from this wedding. I got inspiration from the doves and created my own bird to hang about us during my recent wedding. Thanks!

Leslie | Reply

Any way to have the template emailed to me at



Alison | Reply

Love this! I want to make these for my wedding.
Where do you get 11 x 14 cardstock? I can only find 12 x 12 card stock.


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