Italian Minimal TabletopItalian Wedding Reception

You don’t have to actually be in Florence to give a nod to Italy. Anyone anywhere could go for a fabulously LOW budget, minimal, and still totally chic reception by decorating your tables with rolls of white paper, bread, wine, and dipping supplies.


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Kelly Sauer | Reply

Oh. I love this! What a wonderful idea!

Sage Parker | Reply

i love these photographs, so clean and beautiful. now all i want to do is eat bread, oil, olives, and drink red wine (yummy.)

erlfisher | Reply

Absolute genius! I love it!

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events | Reply

So simple and sooooo chic! Love it. The bread, olives, wine..what more do you need?

Natalie, The Senses Five | Reply

This is almost exactly what we are doing. Plus a traditional antipasto course with meats, cheeses, and olives. Very inexpensive.

Sandra | Reply

Brilliant! I would add a delicious salad like at Olive Garden and probably a fun olive bar with several different variations of stuffed oives. This sounds so delicious!

Heidi | Reply

I love this – what kind of paper was used on the table, butcher paper? thx!

Monica @ Local Italian Plate | Reply

Okay, I think I am officially in love. This is how life should be.


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