Brooklyn Elopement

I’m pretty sure, at least every once in a while, every couple thinks about how nice it might be to just elope! Well, Lawrence and Lauren did. And just to make the idea that much more enticing, we have these adorable pictures as proof. But wait….do they look familiar??? Why, yes! Its Lawrence and Lauren who also had a New York farm wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns!

Photography by Leo Patrone via Brooklyn Bride


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Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

This couple seems so sweet! Congratulations!

Carrie Rosalind | Reply

Oh my gosh, this is just so beyond perfect. They both seem so happy – love it!!

J | Reply

I love it! I’m genuinally confused though — why elope and also have a wedding? I thought you eloped in place of having a wedding? I’m considering eloping so I’m just curious.

Carina | Reply

It’s just adorable that the couple’s personality seems to come through in both sets of photographs. Lovely!

The Demoiselle | Reply

These are soooo precious.

Rose | Reply

Holy groom style! I love his glasses! What a cute couple. I love how happy they look. Lovely photos!

Jennie D. | Reply

So cute… it is SO obvious how happy they are!

melissa | Reply

I eloped because I didn’t want everyone watching me say all the gushy stuff at the ceremony and because I’ve got a lot of religious family and my husband and I are very not religious. So, I didn’t want their drama. Then, we had a reception only a few weeks later. Maybe these guys did the same thing with their farm wedding.

morgan | Reply

so sweet. I really adore this.

Tiffany | Reply

Love the bridge background



Lucy Romero | Reply

I love this! It’s so classy, elegant, and effortless!

emily frawley | Reply

I love love this site, but sometimes I wish it went with the seasons….looking at court house wedding shots in January when they obviously got married in summer just kinda freaks me out…just sayin…I would love to see what a NYC lady wears to her court house wedding in February!!!

Katie | Reply

Melissa-I love your take on this! I was quite curious why someone would have two weddings mostly because my fiance and I are terrified of saying our vows in front of everyone. We might have to do the same!

tarahjoi | Reply

everything about this makes me happy. every single thing.

jenna | Reply

Wow, these are gorgeous!! I’ve never heard of the photographer before but I just may have to add him to my list of favorites. Just beautiful grainy-light filled images.

Jacquelyn | Reply

Sweet couple! If I could go back I would definately elope like these cuys – cute and with a photog – and then have a reception with family and friends. SO much easier and special.

melissa | Reply

what cuties!!! they’re so happy…i love it!

Heidi@TrulyEngaging | Reply

oh my they are adorable! Congratulations to the very happy couple!

anne-marie | Reply

adorobale. i love the brides dress and how they both glow!

kim | Reply

i am eloping in new york next spring and i cannot wait to get a shot on the bridge :) :)

Lauren | Reply

Hey everyone – bride here. We wanted a friend to lead our Blue Hill ceremony, but didn’t want to ask him to become a NY notary. So we were legally married at City Hall a few days before our totally secular and otherwise not official ceremony. We didn’t think of it as an elopement but as the official part! I highly recommend NY’s City Hall. We had a blast. It was all over in less than 2 minutes!

Andrea | Reply

Wow I love this! I enjoy the way they solved that technicality and made it so fun! :)

joel serrato | Reply

i love leo’s work, its alway so inspiring, and this wedding is probably my all time favorite of his!

go leo!

Jen Curtis | Reply

Lovely!! love the simplicity!

sonya at zenobia studios | Reply

Both these photos and the ones on the farm are so incredibly precious! I love this couple!! Amazing job, Leo! <3

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