Destination: Anywhere with mangos!

Yellow Tropical

Last week we looked at the softer side of tropical. This week we’re turning up the color…but only a little. By adding some really saturated color, like mango, and keeping everything else softer, girly, clean, and modern you’ll get another fresh take on tropical. And some really yummy drinks I hope!

image credits clockwise from top-left: 1. Gemma Comas 2. Anna Kern 3. Sarah Maingot 4. Printiss Douthit

10 Responses to “Destination: Anywhere with mangos!”

  1. Sarah Danaher

    Mangos, mangos, mangos. The best I’ve had were in Fiji. I was there co-leading a photography trip, and we had a quick “potty break” on the side of the road in a grove of trees. Turns out those trees were MANGO trees! So we climbed them and ate fresh mangoes until our lips were stained orange and we had juice running in every direction possible. Best EVER.

  2. Ian Anthony

    What a beautiful model!
    The mango drinks look like you could almost pick them up and drink them!
    Beautiful pics and layout, thank you.


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