Romantic Texas Wedding

Let me introduce you to Libby and Ben: the most beautiful couple to ever sweep the Texas plains. With it’s wild, western charm and sweet, rustic details, I know that you are going to fall head over heels for this wedding. I’ve been looking at this wedding all afternoon and, ya’ll, my soul isstill doing backflips. Here are some words from Libby herself…

I wanted to get married out in the country in Graford, Texas was because of how special the area is to my family.  My grandparents have a 1000-acre ranch in Graford where we spend family holidays special occasions. My grandmother – who inherited the property from her father and whose engagement ring I wear – passed away in February, and I knew I wanted her ranch to be a central part of our celebration.  Because we have limited power, running water and other facilities out there, it would have been a logistical nightmare, not to mention a fortune, to host the entire wedding on the property. But, as soon as we saw the rustic elegance of the The Harbor I knew it was absolutely perfect, not to mention only a short drive from our ranch.  Once we decided on The Harbor all of the other details for the day were dictated by the beautiful ranch setting.

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Rustic Wedding IdeasPhotography by Brandon Kidd

Check back soon for more details!

8 Responses to “Romantic Texas Wedding”

  1. Marilyn

    I was at this wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous and original! Libby is such a creative gal with lots of vision and it came through in spades- so inspiring!

  2. Kristen

    I am from Texas, and I have a similar vision for my wedding.. so close that I was wondering if we had seen some of the same inspiration. I was wondering if you are selling any of your items? Also, how did you make the flower/bottle backdrop? Is it free standing or is it attached to something on the side of the wall?

    Beautiful wedding overall!

    If you are selling anything.. I would love to get in contact with you.

  3. Libby

    Kristen, I made the flower & fabric installation and it was suspended above the door frame using rope that was anchored to the outside doorknobs. I’d be happy to tell you more about it and the items I collected – just shoot me an email at

  4. Gennie

    Where did you get those shoes?
    I’m getting married in the country at my parent’s house, and won’t be able to wear heels in the grass… I haven’t had much luck finding wedges special enough to get married in.
    Love yours!!

  5. Libby

    Gennie – I found the shoes at Lulu’ I ordered them late last Spring so I’m not sure that they’ll still have them. Maybe something similar will be available after the Winter. I also found some great runners-up at DSW.

  6. Savannah

    Libby, I love your wedding photos! Where are the bridesmaid dresses from? I’m going for that look myself. Love the sashes!


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