every once and a while, i’ll come across a wedding that pulls at my heartstrings in a special way. Today, Natalie and Michael’s charming celebration is just tugging away at my heart. First of all, how beautiful is Natalie’s dress? It has such an elegant feminine feel. I just love the sweet simplicity of the whole event–aren’t the lavender centerpieces such a lovely touch?

Michael and I got engaged the Christmas of 2008. I found out I was pregnant in February of 2009. We were officially married in April of 2009 at San Francisco city hall, and decided to continue the celebration with our friends and family in June 2010! I started to really plan in January 2010. Working full time and having a new baby, I knew I wanted to keep the wedding simple, beautiful, and elegant. I also wanted to make sure we had a lot of fun and unique details for our day, so with everything I had on my plate, I turned to my amazingly talented to friends. From the invitations, to the cake, the music, and the decorations our friends and family really helped to make our day so special! It was the best day!

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Photographer: Brion Hopkins

Venue: The Brazilian Room

Florist: Chestnut and Vine

Caterer: Carrie Dove

Dress: Amy Kuschel

Hair/Make-up: Tia Reagan

Music: Bryan Brick

Calligrapher: Michele Papineau

Invitations: Criag Lane/Eric Vincent Guilmette

Cake: Maria Kovacs


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forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Love the Brazilian Room and her dress by Amy is so beautiful! Thx for sharing this sweet intimate wedding!

Nicole | Reply

Oh my lord that baby is ADORABLE!!!!

Lena | Reply

This is truly beautiful. Simple, earnest, lovely.

Whitney | Reply

Beautiful photos to capture a beautiful day!

Marilisa | Reply

I have been searching high and low for the dress I’ve always pictured in my mind and THIS IS IT! So classy and beautiful.

Chasa | Reply

Oh Natalie looks so pretty! Baby Stella is soooo cute :)

Annie | Reply

What is the style name of the dress? I cannot find it on the website.

Gayle | Reply

Kudos to you! To look that fantastic and be able to organise a wedding with baby in tow… WOW. I found it hard to fit a shower in my day post baby let alone do that! LOL

Sam | Reply

I love nuts and berries, it makes it so earthy and romantic. Delish!

emily | Reply

I think her dress is called Margherita.



Sara | Reply

Emily! Thank you so much, you are quite right. I can’t stop looking at this dress and forwarding this post along to everyone… I see that she had added sleeves to create that square neckline, and I’m smitten. What a perfect silhouette, and what inspiring wedding decor…

elise | Reply

what shoes is she wearing? very similar style to what i am looking for!

Shauna | Reply

Ever since I saw those shoes on this post I have been searching EVERYWHERE for them. I know they’re by Stella McCartney, but any ideas what they’re called or where I could find them? I’m dying to have them for my wedding!

Matthias | Reply

So happy, so beautiful, thanks for sharing!