I love clipping geranium stems from plants and using the blossoms for fresh arrangements. The blossoms are beautiful and fragrant and the leaves are interesting and colorful. Here, I’ve created a mixed arrangement (for a centerpiece, favor, guest book table, etc) using geraniums and other summer flowers. I’ve also created a matching boutonniere. Geraniums make great cut flowers because they hold up well in bright sunshine and offer a fresh look. Click “more” below to see the rest…

-Chelsea Fuss of Frolic


diy wedding centerpiece ideas

DIY Geranium Arrangement:


You will need:
a recycled canning jar
3-4 geranium blossoms + leaves (clipped from a plant)
3- 4 stems of calendula
3 stems of mini marigolds
3 stems of regular marigolds
6 stems of crocosmia
6 stems of chamomile flowers
1  zinnia
Create the shape of your arrangement with the geranium blossoms and leaves. Let their winding stems help you decide on the shape for your arrangement. Next, add the crocosmia flowers. Place them strategically to reinforce the shape of your arrangement. Fill in holes with the calendula and larger marigolds.


Lastly, place the chamomile flowers in the arrangement. They are delicate so, it’s best to add them last. Add a sweet ribbon around your jar!

DIY Wedding Boutonniere:


You will need:
2 geranium leaves
1 geranium blossom
floral tape


Make the morning of or the night before. Keep refrigerated. Add the smaller leaf in the front and the larger leaf in the back. Secure together with floral tape. Add ribbon, wrapping around twice with two long ends. Tie in a knot in the back.

Project created by Chelsea Fuss

Photography by Lisa Warninger

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