DIY Wedding Pom Poms

We recently created this fabric pom pom as a tree topper for an inspiration shoot over at Design*Sponge, but it’s a great DIY project for a wedding as well. They have so many creative uses… hung above tables, chair aisle decor, or an alternative to the expensive flower poms that flower girls use to walk down the aisle.

-Ashley of Dolci Odille

hanging-pom-pom2 hanging-pom-poms_1

Supplies: Fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, and chinese lanterns.


Step 1: Cut circles out of fabric.

Step 2: Fold the circle in half and put a little hot glue on the center, then fold over to secure.

Step 3: Apply more hot glue to the bottom of the folded circle.


Step 4: Press the bottom of the folded circle with the hot glue onto the chinese lantern.

Step 5: Repeat these steps until the whole lantern is covered. Once finished, attached some fabric to the metal frame of the lantern to hang.


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9 Responses to “DIY Wedding Pom Poms”

  1. Sukey

    These are great! I’ve seen them made with crepe paper, but fabric looks so much more substantial and elegant. Pinning now!

  2. Michelle

    Hmm, I love these and the picture tutorial is great… But I need a bit more info, please! What type of fabric did you use, how big was the lantern, what was the diameter of the fabric circles, how many circles approximately did it take to cover the lantern?

    • ann oneill

      pls xoxoxo size of lantern…size of circle fabric ….and type of fabric????? thank you

  3. Maggy

    I love this idea. I have seen a lot of pom poms but very few tutorials. We do murder mystery parties and I am always looking for cheap and easy DIY inspiration that we can pass on to our clients. I am going to see if I can’t create a similar look without the lantern and with old dress shirts. Do you have any tips or suggestions having already done something similar?


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