DIY Heart Sticks

These heart sticks are super easy to make and cost less than 20 cents a piece! I’ve shown them in a floral arrangement, but you can stick them anywhere to add a whimsical touch to your reception or ceremony.

-Ashley of Dolci Odille

fabric-heart-sticks fabric-heart-sticks-2

Step 1: Cut a square from a piece of paper. Card stock works best.

Step 2: Fold the square paper in half.

Step 3: Cut out the shape of half a heart so that you get a complete heart when you open the paper.


Step 4: Using the heart you just cut, cut out two pieces of fabric.

Step 5: Take your two fabric hearts and sew them together. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom so that you can turn it inside out. Then fill it with stuffing.

Step 6: Stick the straw into the bottom of your heart and your done!


Project created by Dolci Odille



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