DIY Miniature Fabric Flower Garland


Back in July, Once Wed featured the Free Wedding and a lot of people left comments asking how to recreate the fabric flower garland. So, I thought I would put together a miniature version of it for everyone. It’s easy to make and can be used in so many ways… hung from the ceiling, attached to the back of chairs, aisle “rope” or laid on the table for an added element.

-Ashley of Dolci Odille


Supplies: Scissors, needle and thread, fabric, and a pencil.


Step 1: Fold your fabric and use the spool of thread to trace a circle. Then cut the circles out.

Step 2: Take one circle and fold it in half.

Step 3: Take the half circle and fold it in half again.

Step 4: Then take your circle and stitch through the bottom. Continue this step, adding at least 6 circles on top of the first.


Step 5: Once you have sewn all 6 circles, connect the petals together by stitching through each one at the corners and then tying off the tread with a double knot.

Step 6: Next, cut 3 yards of thread and add on the flowers one by one.

Project created by Dolci Odille

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41 Responses to “DIY Miniature Fabric Flower Garland”

  1. Risti

    I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw this post- I’ve wanted to make this flower garland since I first saw the Free Wedding. Oh my god, thank you.

  2. Anna

    Yay! I have also been on pins and needles (ooh, bad pun) and even convo’d Ashley to find out how this was done (which she was kind enough to explain!). The pictures are a huge help though. Thank you thank you!

  3. Meg

    YAY! The title of this post popped up on my reader and I thought “Ohhhh I hope that’s Ashley with her amazing garland. Now. Hum. With now wedding and just parties to plan, can I get myself together to make this (or just break down and buy yours?)


  4. Karen

    OMG, thank you so much… I can’t wait to use this as just decor in my craft room! many thanks!

  5. Ashley Thalman Photo

    I just finished making these for my daughter’s 1st birthday party today! I found the most incredible fabrics. Thank you for the idea of an enduring decorative element that will last beyond balloons. Great idea, wonderful instructions.

  6. lyndsay

    LOVE this tutorial and the colour palette chosen for the project is so lovely. thank you so much for posting! can’t wait to make this for my next party! :)

  7. Em Teacup

    I love the flower garlands, just had a go at making them, very easy, which is a relieve. I want to make them for my wedding, fantastic

  8. molly

    oh my, i am head over heels for these. my fingers are itching and twitching to snip up some tiny rectangles! wonderful, thanks.

  9. bethany

    love this!

    and actually tried it this past weekend.
    couldn’t find any spare fabric though, so tried it with felt.

    you get a slightly different shape (more round because of the thickness) but it cuts the sewing in half, which if you’re millinery-challenged like me, is a godsend.

    put pictures of the result up on my blog, if anyone’s keen!

  10. K France

    Hi there,
    Can someone walk me through step four and five and direct me to a step by step of these two. I am not crafty and cant figure out the transition from the folded circles to connecting them. Thank you!

  11. Diana R.

    Thank you for the flower tutorial! I made some out of sparkle felt and hot glued them to wearable craft pin backs, and plan to hand them out for Christmas gifts to all the ladies in my life! I’m so excited they turned out so cute! You can also glitter the edges with glitter and glue to make them stand out more. You can pin these to wear on just about anything and would make great gifts for wedding showers or even guests at a wedding! Thanks again:)


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