I’m a huge fan of Nancy Neil’s work. Not only was her gorgeous wedding one of my all time favorites, but she is also an amazing photographer and I always get a bit giddy whenever I see an email from her in my inbox. Lauren and Tyler were married at the boarding school where they met as kids in high school, and used the natural beauty of the grounds as their main source of inspiration for decor. So much about this wedding makes my heart happy, so I was thrilled when Lauren sent in a guest blog to accompany the feature…

Tyler and I are both so lucky have really creative family members.  I never had a vision for my wedding so I really relied on the creative ideas and energy of my family members! It was a total DIY wedding and my sweet mom really took the lead setting the vision. She’s a designer and I love her taste so she set the course!   Because I never envisioned a big fancy wedding, I wanted everything really simple and a true reflection of us. My mom is a collector of vintage chartreuse ceramic vases.  I grew-up searching for chartreuse at flea markets with my mom and sister.  We now have a pretty big collection so we decided to go with a random assortment of our vases for the main floral arrangements.  It felt just like a normal table setting growing-up…I think that’s why I really liked it.  We also potted lavender, bought some green (sea glass looking) cups and dishtowels for napkins (from Ikea and cheaper than renting!) and filled the tables with a bounty of fresh bread and grilled veggies.
















Thank you so much again to Nancy for sending in this gorgeous wedding for a feature. And to Lauren and Tyler for sharing their wedding with us. We wish you two a lifetime of love and happiness!


Location: The Thacher School

Wedding Dress: Vena Cava

Suit: Built by Wendy, Steven Alan tie, and white converse

Flowers: Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria

Music: Mattson 2 and Ray Barbee + Garrett Colton (DJ)


Photography: Nancy Neil

Wedding Stylist: Gina Cerre

Flower Design: Jody Kennedy

Shoes: J Crew



Comments (24)

tammy | Reply

I adore this shoot, the flowers, the succulents! And the cactus touched me deeply…what a great mix zz

Wedding Chicks | Reply

love the chartreuse vases and the story behind them! they make the decoration so much more meaningful.

Michele | Reply

Oh this is wedding perfection. I love casual, elegant weddings and this one is just that. The table arrangements are gorgeous.

The Perfect Palette | Reply

Beautiful color palette!

joy thigpen | Reply

what a charming wedding! i love the story. and the dress/shoe/bouquet combo is perfect!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

The column wedding dress with the Eqyptian neckline is halting! I like how its statement is then softened by delicate blooms on the table. Nice blend of the strong and soft.

lauren f | Reply

does anyone know the style name for that dress? or better yet, where to find it? I tried doing every search I could think of with no luck :(

emily | Reply

Hey Lauren! The vena cava girls actually made it custom made for the bride. You could always check to see if they could do the same for you:)

Newly Domesticated | Reply

i LOVE the Vena Cava dress; I saw it in navy once and fell in love. This is even more fabulous. And the bentwood chairs are, of course, to die for.

jess @ brideonashoestring | Reply

Is that strawberry shortcake I see? Drool. My second favorite. Next to chocolate of course. Yum

Meg | Reply

Just precious!! Love every detail.

Teresa | Reply

Beautiful pictures, and a gorgeous wedding! The preps shot is so cool, can you believe that the make-up lady´s nail polish actually matches the bride´s robe? :)

Delilah | Reply

Beautiful! I love the colors. The bouquet is divine!

leigh | Reply

Thacher is such a magical place. What a beautiful wedding with great design all-around!

Christina N Dickson | Reply

Absolutely stunning.
Creativity was never so aptly expressed.

Joyce E. Ferris | Reply

Surely this young, sweet, beautiful bride must have great looking grandparents. Where are they?

Wedding Chic | Reply

Such pretty photos, that cake looks stunning yum!

Laura | Reply

The dessert looked great, and the reception set up looked very sweet as well. My fiance and I are planning on having an outdoor reception as well with a Chicago Wedding Band for entertainment. I hope it turns out as beautiful as the one in these pictures!

Leslie | Reply

Love the color scheme of this wedding! cool greens and passionate purples always look fab-U-lous together!

Jennifer | Reply

I just loved the cake and was wondering if someone designed it or if it was homemade?

Glenda Combs | Reply

Tyler and Lauren,
I want to add my sincere congratulations and God’s blessings! I pray the two of you will always remember, “two is stronger than one and three is stronger than two.” Danney and I hope and trust God will be your strength and guide. Ya’ll have fun and laugh a lot!!!
Our love and support,
Danney & Gram

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