As much as I love lots of details at a wedding, I also have a strong appreciation for a couple who decides to keep their celebration small and intimate. Alyssa and Howard were married in her parent’s backyard surrounded by 20 of their closest friends and family. The attire for the evening was formal, so the men wore tuxedos and the ladies wore evening gowns and hats. Have I ever mentioned how much I love adore weddings?



















Photography by Jessica Johnston


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nicole b. | Reply

Wow… what a stylish affair. The photography truly captures the decadence and drama. Would love to know more about those shoes and that dress. AMAZING. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tonia | Reply

Lovely! The old-fashioned tuxes are so handsome! Reminds me of the old wedding pictures of my great-grandparents. They really pulled off a glamorous all-American party without being too over the top with a “theme.”

TH | Reply

Wow, I love this!

tammy | Reply

I’m working on a similar project in London – we’ve been collecting lovely crystal bowls and candleholders to make a twinkly affair…I hope it’s this pretty! Tx

Kelsie Rae | Reply

the dres…amazing!

Elizabeth Mackey | Reply

The brides dress is stunning and the groom’s tux is amazing!!!

davina | Reply

what a beautiful wedding! it’s sometimes hard to imagine the affair while you’re planning it, but i think every bride dreams that it will come together the way this one did.

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

This couple nailed it on the head. By choosing to make it an intimate affair, they allowed themselves to focus on those meaningful details that make guests feel truly taken care of.

Only one ANNOYANCE: Never have fake sugar in packets anywhere in sight.

Christine | Reply

Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous couple, a-freakin-mazing dress. Whoa.

And as someone who uses the fake sugar: no annoyance at all, instead: Thanks! :)

Kathryn | Reply

How sweet is this – and her dress is incredible. Gorgeous work by Jessica Johnston as always.

Orlando wedding photographers | Reply

beautiful use of filters in the pics

tammy | Reply

It’s a groovy story – I like the fake sugar…bring on the sweet ‘n low xx

Jessica | Reply

Hi Nicole!

The shoes were Chanel and her dress is a true vintage eBay find! Thanks for all the kind comments-it was a pleasure to photograph their wedding.

erin | Reply

i love her veil ….. would love to know where she found it.
this wedding is beautiful soft and sweet.

bedroom dresser | Reply

The photos were shot beautifully and it draws out the best of the couple! I love that they attended to the smallest detail of the wedding!

jess @ brideonashoestring | Reply

I love, love this wedding. If it were possible to have an outdoor wedding in the Texas heat without everyone keeling over from heatstroke I would!

Chrissy | Reply

I love the fact that they had a small but formal wedding. Black & white photos were taken up a notch by the 30’s formal look!

The bride really favors Molly Ringwald. Gorgeous!

joanna goddard | Reply

stunning, i love the kiss!

Jenni | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous photography – you truly captured the feel and spirit of the day.

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs | Reply

this wedding is just fabulous – love the tablescape and the vintage feel

Mara | Reply

wow how beautiful is this?! I wish my parents had a huge backyard!

didi | Reply

dress, bride, groom, setting and photography all amazing!

Lollipop Events & Designs | Reply

The dress, the tux, the setting. Fabulous!

wedding chicks | Reply

sooo beautiful! the black and white photos are my favorite!!!

Un samedi... | Reply

je suis admirative de cette ambiance, de ces mariés très beaux, de ces invités…

chelsea | Reply

Love the old fashion antique vibe.

That dress is RIDICULOUS.
So Beautiful!

Karina | Reply

I love this. Things were so stylish in the 1930s!

Annie | Reply

what a beautiful wedding dress — it has “romance” written all over it!

Abby | Reply

Simply gorgeous! I would love to know where the bride got her VEIL…. I’m in love :)

Natalie | Reply

I’d also really like to know where this bride got her veil! I can’t find anything like it! please please contact me – warning_onfire@yahoo.com if you have any idea.


I absolutely love the veil too! Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where it is from?

amy | Reply

Anyone know where their cake topper is from? I love this entire wedding!

Rachel | Reply

Hardly just an ordinary backyard, her parents obviously have a backyard that dwarfs most suburban parks