There is a lot to be said about the classic beauty of a traditional ceremony. But why not personalize things a little more with added details that catch your eye?

Event Designer and Planner Molly McKinley has pulled together some unique ceremony ideas that may just get your creative thoughts flowing when it comes to planning your wedding.

Focus on the Back of the Aisle
So many times, we focus only on the front of the aisle instead of the whole picture. If you have a gorgeous landscape behind you, why not move your florals to the back of the aisle?

Create a Path
Create a look that complements your venue and personality. Not into the classic aisle or terrified of that moment? Create a casual path that leads to your groom.

Incorporate Furnishings
Your guests would definitely remember this fun detail. Incorporate other furnishings such as benches, sofas, cushions and chairs into your ceremony.

Use a Focal Element
Draw the eye in to your aisle by using your chair ends as a point of focus. You could use a ribbon garland down the aisle, or florals or candles could achieve a similar effect.

Curve your Chair Rows
A straightforward classic aisle is beautiful, but there is a softness created by curving the chairs. You don’t see it as often and it can add a unique touch to your day.

Create a Circle
If the formality of a seated ceremony feels a bit overwhelming, why not keep things casual by having your friends and family gather around you in a circle while you say our vows.


Comments (3)

Chevin Woodruff | Reply

Great Ideas by my dear friend and mentor. Molly has been an encourager from the day we met. The whole thing with Molly is she doesn’t care who gets the credit, and one touch to a ceremony or a reception site and voila, it’s all pulled together and the stars are out and shining brightly. I like the idea of doing something special at the back of the rows of chairs. Sort of a preview of coming attractions.

Adams Photo Art Photography | Reply

The path in the woods is my thing, I love the idea!

Tim | Reply

Wow, the one with the giant tree (slide 12) is amazing! Slide 19 is really cool too.

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