Do you feel like you have to say yes to every job? Like there’s a constant pressure to take on more out of fear of not having enough?

This is the picture of business ownership, right, particularly creative small business. But what if it doesn’t have to be?

What if there’s another way, a better way?

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kim | Reply

I think this is a very valid and informative series that Once Wed is featuring. I began as a designer by working in a flower shop over 20 years ago and have managed to learn the business from every angle. I moved on to being a flower buyer for a large grocery store (very un-glamorous but so useful) where I learned about the product and mark ups and grower contacts and then moved to event design for a large hotel (where I learned about large scale and weddings )and ultimately became a free lance designer (where I learned about working well with others )until I opened my own business . It’s really simple- you spend the time like with anything else and learn how – it doesn’t simply come to you , its a process . I have a hard time understanding the concept of “giving away” your services because I know exactly what they cost and their worth and therefore its always been a no brainer .