Spring Color Trend Report

Romantic Seaside Wedding Ideas

A wedding on the beach at sunset is a setting that inherently boasts this aforementioned range of tones.


When it comes to color trends, Pantone’s expertise is in a class of its own. Widely regarded at the authority on color, Pantone recently released their Fashion Color Report for Spring which gives us insight into the ten shades we will see influencing designs next year. Think happier, sunnier, vivid brights, along with calm, soothing sunset tones, with plenty of inspiration taken from travel and natural environments.

With spring 2016 wedding planning now well underway, we’ve selected a palette of five colors from Pantone’s report that we think provide scope for some fresh inspiration and ideas: Rose Quartz, Iced Coffee, Serenity, Peach Echo, and Lilac Grey.

Together the combination is an opalescent sherbet that reflects the colors of nature as they occur in a sunset or in spring blooms. These colors can be cheery without being precious, and have a zesty fresh twist whilst still maintaining a nod to classic nuptial tradition.

Selecting a wider range of unexpected yet complementary colors, like this one, creates a memorable palette that sets the mood. When planning any color palette, it’s important to think about how colors make us feel, digging a little deeper into which colors speak most to us, and to the environments we’re a part of.

Click through our slideshow of spring wedding inspiration and let your imagination run free! Which colors will you choose?

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Article by: Once Wed contributor Caroline Boneham Roche


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