When it comes to spring weddings, pastels are lovely. But are they required? Absolutely not. This contrast between light and dark creates a moody ambiance that is somehow elevated from the usual spring wedding. The depth and richness created lends a new sense of sophistication.

From the floral designer:
“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all the lights.” As I was reading one day, this quote by Bram Stroker struck me and from there, alongside a team of exceptional talent, began to build a story and concept using that as our foundation. We wanted to convey a story of a beauty that encompassed innocence, purity and loveliness, but juxtaposing that with a dark setting; the light among the darkness, so to speak. Allowing our setting to remain simple in the house, we wanted to allow the natural radiance of our beauty to really tell the story, as well as using the floral to add a component of softness to the otherwise moody atmosphere. From there the concept unfolded and along with a talented team of individuals, we were able to execute the vision with an end result truly telling a story of a beauty shining in the darkness.

Photography: Heather Hawkins | Styling and Floral Design: Andi Jamison for Bows and Arrows | Hair and Makeup: Tracy Melton Artistry  | Gown: Gossamer | Model: Taylor Greene with Wallflower Management | Film Processing: Photovision


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Kristin @ Reveriemade | Reply

Love this so much! I’m a huge fan of Andi’s work, and it was photographed beautifully. A beautiful story told by all the artists involved. Thanks for sharing!


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