Making your wedding a beautiful and memorable experience isn’t all about the “big ticket” items. If you’re working on a tight budget, here are a couple of ideas for wedding day details that can have a big impact without a large financial burden.


Stationery can go a long way in making a wedding feel personal and branded to the couple. There are a lot of downloadable prints on different wedding websites if you’re on a tight budget. Minted.com, for example, sends coupons via email on a very regular basis.  If it’s in your budget, a calligrapher or custom stationery designer is the best way to go to ensure the most customized and unique wedding stationery.

Linens and Chairs

If you’re on a really tight budget, at the bare minimum switch out the chairs at a venue to the nicest and cost efficient chair you can afford. Full-length tablecloths will help create a more formal atmosphere.  When you have a nice chair, a full-length tablecloth, and candles, you can ensure your wedding will look tasteful and timeless on the most minimal budget.

The Bar

One vignette that often gets overlooked is the bar. You can spruce it up by having your florist attach a simple and inexpensive greenery garland across the front and it instantly feels more fresh and luxurious.

Place Settings

You don’t have to get ornate china to make your guests’ place settings feel special and well thought out. Use a colored napkin and experiment with draping or folds. Place a menu or even a sprig of herbs or single flower on each setting to really polish off a look.


You can also display a signature cocktail menu on the bar and list the couple’s favorite drinks to make it feel personal. Get creative here and even make up your own cocktail menu. You can personalize it further by naming the cocktails, perhaps after sites you’ve visited, places you’ve lived, or even your pets!


Don’t forget accessories! Colored paper straws and customized cocktail napkins are inexpensive and add a big impact. Guests always “ooh and ahh” over how much thought is put into making their drinks pretty. You can get creative with the design of the napkins like putting your favorite quote or a saying that you love on them.

Ideas compiled by Created Lovely Events and Going Lovely.

Click through our slideshow for ideas on how to make a memorable experience for your guests while staying on-budget. 


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lovely pictures!!! i wish i could also have this kind of photshoot!!!

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