The moment that wedding band slips onto your finger, you’ll feel that effervescent, bubbly sensation that it’s really true: you’re married. We love this seaside newlywed photo session for the unique way that it captures this couple’s overwhelming sense of giddy joy. It was planned for the day after their wedding, when they were able to be on their own and truly take in their excitement, and we encourage you to think about how you’ll celebrate!

More from the creative team, Lauren Balingit Photography and Tiffany of A Splendid Occasion:

“We think engagement sessions are really beautiful. It’s such a great time in someone’s relationship and if it’s what you want, it should absolutely be documented. With that being said, I think as a bride it’s important to know that you can do whatever you want! If you would rather have photos captured after your wedding instead, or better, in addition to your engagement session, that’s also a very special time that can and should be documented. Freshly married and ready to take on the world!

We put this shoot together to capture the innocent joy, happiness and the playful side of a couple that was married just the day before. There is nothing more pure than these moments that they have alone, the day after they become one and carry on this journey together. We believe it’s important that we take the time to slow down and remember these precious moments. They come and go so quickly!

To our surprise, it started raining during the shoot – really, really hard. But that’s just life, so we kept shooting and let our couple do what came naturally to them. They cuddled, played, and eventually the sun came back out (and they cuddled and played even more). We believe that letting things play out naturally can make some of the most genuine, beautiful images.”

Photography & Co-styling: Lauren Balingit | Planning & Co-styling: Tiffany Siladke of A Splendid Occasion | Makeup: Joanna B Artistry | Female Model: Sam of Factor Women | Male Model: Matt of Ford Models


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Tiffany Siladke | Reply

Hooray! Thank you so much for sharing. It was a rainy day, but we had such a blast!

Sarah Carpenter | Reply

Love how easy and beautiful this is!