We’re always honored to showcase photos from those dearest to us. Today, we’re sharing a couple’s session from one of our staff, Kaela. The sweet glances that she shares with Jonathan make these photos so special, and this setting is just breathtaking. This is further proof that if you’re in need of some inspiration, just head outdoors! Allow nature to do what it does best.

More from Kaela:
“Everyone talks about the wedding but rarely do you hear others talk about the part after the wedding. Those precious days and months after your wedding–the time when everything is anew yet complete–that’s something to cherish.

Marriage is more than the one day of celebration, it’s a lifetime of shared experiences and memories and it is important to honor and celebrate the moments big and small in-between. We especially want to document our time together as newlyweds so we can look back on these years and remember the feeling of being young and in love.”

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Photography: Michelle Boyd | Styling: Ginny Au | Hair and Makeup: Kaela Rawson | Dress: Billy Reid | Suit: J.Crew