When it comes to bridal boudoir photography, there are some things that work, and some that just don’t work. This simple, ethereal boudoir session by Kylie Martin Photography just works. How did they achieve it? Finding a space that allowed a clean canvas and light filled area is your first priority, closely followed by the minimal, organic styling we see here. By using a minimalist styling approach, Kylie Martin was able to focus more on movement and capturing the intimate emotion that is needed to create beautiful boudoir portraits.

From the photographer:
“A vintage record played softly in the background as mid-daylight poured in through the windows. Warmth began to wrap itself around Melissa as she playfully danced across the floor. Her youthful elegance filled the room. Delicate lace, bare feet and soft movements created an intimate ambiance. With a lovely canvas to create in, encompassing Melissa’s timeless beauty was all too simple. As the photographer, creating portraits filled with beauty that will withstand the test of time is always my forefront desire for boudoir. The hope is that many brides, decades from now, will reflect on their once youthful moments by traveling back through the years to revisit their intimate images. The female body yields something so free, wild and delicate, that it deserves to be documented and celebrated.”

Photograher:Kylie Martin Photography | Client/ Model: Melissa Wessel | Film: Kodak Portra 800 | Photo lab: Photovision | Location: Oahu, Hawaii

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Jonathan Fletcher | Reply

Lovely images….although my glasses have steamed up