The morning of your wedding day should be a restful time, and we encourage you to designate a few moments to quietly reflect on the day ahead. This is also the perfect time to connect with your photographer and slowly begin getting ready for your day, so why not ask your photographer to take some boudoir-inspired images at the same time?

We love the romantic, simple styling of today’s boudoir session from Lauren Balingit, Meghan Kay Sadler, and Kelly Lenard. The very un-doneness of the bride is a testament to her natural beauty and her quiet anticipation of the day ahead. Add in a touch of floral with your bridal bouquet, and ask your photographer for just 15 minutes to do something a little different.

Photography: Lauren Balingit | Co-concept design and styling: Lauren Balingit & Meghan Kay Sadler  | Florals and co-styling: Kelly Lenard  | Processing: Photo Vision Prints


Comments (4)

Marianne | Reply

Indeed the understated beauty is a main thread here, and then Kelly Lenard’s florals are the wow factor! I personally appreciate the restraint and modesty exercised in this shoot and feature. The focus and story is the encouragement for reflection and quiet the morning of one’s wedding, not the boudoir factor. Well done, ladies.

Andreina | Fly Away Bride | Reply

Love the romantic feel! Great shoot!

Rose { Rose & Ruby } | Reply

So pretty! Love this shoot. Such a lovely idea! x

Kelly Sauer | Reply

And here I was thinking I might could get away without shooting film for a while… Um. No. Beautiful, beautiful work, Lauren, Kelly, and Meghan!

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