We love to see unique, culturally-inspired weddings, and this beautiful editorial is no different. Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arranging, and much more so than just placing flowers in a vase, it is a disciplined art form with the goal of bringing together nature and humanity.

More from the designers at Studio Mondine:

We looked to the raw, uncomplicated, and whimsical natural world for inspiration. The ikebana-inspired florals suggest the whole of nature, with a smoke bush kokedama string garden creating a link between indoor and outdoor.

Traditionally, a kimono is worn for introspection—the stiffness of the cloth makes way for a gentle, graceful stillness. A linen jumpsuit and robe from First Rite echo the silhouette of a traditional kimono, but allow for more movement and exploration.

Mimi + Taylor highlighted the cheeks but kept the rest of the face natural, as a wearable and modern take on geisha beauty. When the kimono gets traded in for softer garments, the hair and make-up soften as well. Our model wears a smoky plum lip as she explores the kokedama string garden.

In the flowers, fashion, and beauty, there’s a reverence for Japanese heritage and a desire to bridge tradition and modernism. 

Photography: M. K. Sadler | Florals and Design: Studio Mondine | Hair and Makeup: Mimi + Taylor | Clothing: Priory


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Viwed dress | Reply

So many great ideas! I love inspiration, thank you so much.

Grandeur Wedding Studio | Reply

Interesting.. I usually see more Chinese rather than Japanese floral arrangements, so this is an interesting post :) Quite unique!

Edina | Reply

So inspiring ! I love the delicate floral design. Keeping things authentic and focused is always a good ideas.

Cornwall Wedding Photography | Reply

Love the simplicity of these ideas and the link to the Japanese heritage makes it all so beautiful!

Joanna | Reply

I’m a big house plant lover so loving this post.
The tones are amazing and whole arrangement is perfect.
Well done!