Your wedding reception is a celebration, where the people that cherish you both come together to commemorate your new beginnings. A part of this celebration is the meal you share together. As one of the most important events of your life, your table design should be carefully thought out and represent who you are as a couple and individually.

Wedding planner and designer Eileen Morales, of Beauty in the Making, talks us through how she helps her clients plan their wedding tablescape.

Find your style
1. To begin, collect images that distinctly inspire your color combination and aesthetics. With those create an inspiration board. While doing this, take into consideration the style of your ceremony, wedding dress and location. You want to use this vision to help make your “tablescape” design uniquely yours.

Pay attention to your venue
2. Let the venue inspire you. Feel the life of the reception space and let it dictate how it can be used. Look at the lighting, structure and design to determine the type of table, linen and color combination that works best for your style. Establish whether or not you will use table linens, runners or none of these if the table’s natural composition complements the look you’re aiming for.

Choose your chairs
3. The chairs should complement the table, the space and design without conflicting with the “tablescape”. It should all bring harmony.

Plan your centerpiece
4. The centerpiece is literately the “center” of your design and it sets the stage. When you choose the flowers think of the desired colors, size, textures and shape that enhances your look. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only flowers. If you desire, you can explore with other elements such as candles, wood, greenery, etc. Make sure that your centerpiece does not block the view of your guests, so they can enjoy their time without barriers.

Select your plates, flatware, glassware
5. Your plate, flatware and glassware setting selection helps to complete your story. There are many styles that can be rented to fashion your design. Having the setting on the table when the guests arrive is like an invitation to the feast.

Accent with details
6. Once you’ve set your table, the addition of details such as stationery, napkins and candle votives provide the finishing touches. The stationery need not be over the top, something as simple as a personalized place card set neatly on a folded napkin can be enough. Candles, whether tea light votives or tapers, add to the atmosphere of your tablescape.





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Jillian Tree | Reply

Great info Eileen!! Honored to be included in this feature :):)

Ozzy | Reply

It’s always a joy to work with someone with such talent and vision. Beautiful designs, Eileen!

Eileen Morales | Reply

Thank you so much Oncewed for the opportunity to collaborate in this gorgeous blog! Ozzy, I so appreciate your support over the years. Your work and collaboration have done great things and made so many very, very happy! Thank you my friend!

Sarah Chancey | Reply

Great step by step instructions! Love it!

Seasoned | Reply

Very thorough step-by-step guide for anyone planning their wedding the DIY way, but also just have the general idea of what is the scope of a wedding planner/caterer who is supposed to take care of all of these for the couple.

Valeria Mameli | Reply

lovely lovely lovely ideas

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Love these tips!

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Great information. Thanks for sharing.