White winter weddings are truly magical! Although winter is one of the most romantic seasons, it’s important to remember some of the practical items about a winter wedding. Here are 10 things to remember when planning a white winter wedding from the experts at Bluebird Productions:

1) Prepare for the cold: dress yourself appropriately and make sure your guests are informed of outdoor components, general locations and precautions to take (think high heels and a snowy path on top of a mountain…)

2) Keep your guests cozy: make sure guests know to bundle up but having blankets, hot cocoa and hot toddy’s, mittens, mitten warmers and more make for happy guests!

3) Prepare a back up plan: having a back up plan is important when considering an outdoor winter ceremony, but it’s also important for your vendors. It’s best not to fly in your favorite photographer the day of the wedding in the winter when airline travel can be a bit precarious.

4) Consider travel: travel may be more expensive in the winter months. Additionally, one may want to budget extra days in case of inclement weather.

5) Think about how cold weather impacts your skin: cold weather lends to dry and cracked skin. Be sure to hydrate and moisturize!

6) Plan your accessories: select fashionable accessories that are fitting for the winter season!

7) Candle light: When in doubt, add candles!

8) Flowers and seasonality: flowers may be more expensive in the winter months due to availability and they  may also be more challenging to transport due to the movement from hot to cold climates and back.

9) Prepare for altitude: the majority of white winter weddings occur at higher altitudes. Prepare your guests for the impact and encourage hydration.

10) Be ready for anything: winter weather can be unpredictable. It’s best to be open to the extra snow (or lack thereof!)


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Skylar Albritton | Reply

My favorite quote: “when in doubt, add candles!” I love candles aesthetically, but had never used them in decor or styling until this past April. Now there are candles in nearly every room of my house and right before guests show up I can be found lighter in hand running around to add some ambiance to the space!