How to Find Your Wedding Style


“What is your wedding style?” is one of the most common questions asked of any bride when planning her day. But it can also be one of the hardest to answer. So what is a wedding style and how do you go about finding your own style; one that is the most beautiful and authentic representation of you and your loved one?

We asked creative director and stylist, Rebekah Carey McNall, of A & B Creative to share with us her insights in to how she helps a client identify what type of wedding is the best fit for them.

Where do you take inspiration when considering wedding styles?
A few ways to help narrow down your scope for wedding styles would be to look at how you have designed your home, what your venue is like, and who you are as a couple. If your home is a true reflection of who you are, that combined with your venue can be a great place to start. If you’re attracted to sleek and modern interior design for example, you may be drawn towards the same type of venue which will greatly influence your wedding style. If you have a venue that is something of a blank space, looking at where you find yourselves in your free time (i.e. antique shop hopping, hiking, traveling to new places, shopping at the farmer’s market, etc.) will give you lots of clues as to how you could decide on what type of, or style of, wedding fits you both the most.

Is a wedding style the same as a wedding theme?
You want to try to avoid “themes”. Instead think about including influences. For example, if you traveled to Mexico and it had a lasting impression on you, picking a venue with similar architectural details of some of your favorite churches you toured, or weaving Mexican cuisine into your menu, or picking flowers that are also found in Mexico is going to feel authentic and cohesive. If you make every single element try to seem as if it were in Mexico it may end up deflecting from you as a couple because it will seem less about you and more about copying this particular element.

I’m inspired by nature but what does that “look like” for a wedding?
If you’re all about nature, choosing a venue that is outdoors or indoors with white walls and little elements of natural wood and greenery creeping in could be perfect for you. You may go to look for a classic room with huge windows that open up to a lush garden, a limited palette, and not a lot of clutter. Creating tablescapes with a natural fabric like flax linen and very simple floral arrangements (or just greenery) will help your tables from feeling too packed or overwhelming, for example.

Your best advice for brides?
Ultimately, having a wedding that is beautiful is not nearly as important as having a thoughtful wedding that reflects who you both are, and that can be more beautiful than any other pin or trend you could ever hope to emulate.

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