Pricing-For-Creatives_Last-Chance_Instagram-Graphic_V2-compressorWe’ve loved the conversations that have been taking place on social media this past week as we’ve been talking about the topic of pricing in the creative industry.

We know it’s an area everyone struggles with, and we’re so encouraged by the number of you who have already signed up for Pricing For Creatives! The lessons you take away from Shanna Skidmore’s wonderful teachings are going to transform your businesses and your lives.

This is a friendly remind that today is your FINAL CHANCE to take advantage of our introductory rate. The sale price of $375 ends at midnight tonight. This is the lowest price on offer for 2016. The course will increase to its regular rate of $525 on Friday.

If you’re still not convinced a course about numbers could work for you, let us assure you: This course was written specifically for creatives who wouldn’t consider themselves “numbers people.” Shanna makes everything so clear and simple and takes you through step-by-step.

And just take a minute to step back and think about what’s more overwhelming…years more of spinning your wheels like you are now or taking a little time to dig in, stretch yourself, educate yourself, make some smart changes, and become profitable soon? You can do this!

Save yourself the $150 and sign up now.


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