We simply adore this lovely engagement session from MK Sadler! You can sense the love between Drew and Sarah, and their story is even more adorable than this shoot.

More from the Couple:

Drew and Sarah met at the University of Southern California almost eight years ago when she was eighteen and he was twenty. Sarah was studying art and Drew was on the Water Polo team with many of her good friends from high school. At this point, they had only spent a handful of occasions together with mutual friends. After Sarah moved into the dorms it became apparent that the majority of her friends had either not moved in or were home on break before school started. After many failed attempts at finding someone who was in town it was ultimately Drew’s sense of humor that made Sarah call him. When Drew answered, Sarah asked if he was around and wanted to have dinner. She would later find out that Drew already had a major crush on her prior to this call. He said that he was on his way and would be there shortly. She had no clue that Drew was taking family photos at the time and had left early to come meet her. When he arrived, they went out on their first date and three weeks later Drew’s charm and a little bit of luck had won Sarah’s heart. Sarah can safely say that although Drew was not her first call that night, it was definitely the best call she had ever made.

From Sarah:

“Doing this photo shoot with Meghan Sadler was absolutely amazing. Drew and I have always operated on a frequency that allows us to understand each other without speaking. After looking at our engagement photos we realized that Meghan had captured all of these subtleties that make our relationship so special. She is truly an amazing photographer and we are so excited to have her document our big day! “

Sarah and Drew currently live in Orange County. She is a Graphic Designer at a publishing company in Costa Mesa and he is currently the Finance Manager at an industrial hardware supply company in Long Beach.

Photography: M.K. Sadler | Sarah’s white dress: Zara | Drew’s shirt and pants: H&M




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childrens Play kitchen | Reply

We have got this kind of set for my child 24 months ago, and it’s got performed slightly properly.
There are some nicks in the fresh paint but that is just by method
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Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

Beautiful shots, especially the black and whites! Not only can you tell the couple are absolutely in love, but they look so natural together and in the environment.

Sofie | Reply

Romantic wedding !! The photos are beautiful !