We’re so excited for today’s post not only because it’s something completely out of the box, but it’s from our very own Editorial Manager, Mary McLeod. We’ll let Mary tell you more about this absolutely stunning and original wedding inspiration collaboration between herself, Twigss Floral Studio, and Meghan Kay Sadler.

From Mary:

“I was secretly, but not so secretly, scheming this shoot  for an entire year after I was completely awe-struck by this painting by Valerie Hegarty. Everything about it spoke to me- the colors, the use of texture, the decay, and the life she brought to a traditional Dutch Masters style painting. I couldn’t stop dreaming of bringing this stunning wall to life, and I knew I wanted to save it for the perfect team. So when I met Addison and Melissa Searles of Twigss in France at Ginny Au’s workshop, I felt like the pieces were finally coming together. 

Florists don’t often get to collaborate, so this was so fun for all of us! We took time to learn from one another, and we just enjoyed creating for once. I wanted us to create something completely different to inspire brides who may not be looking for something like they’ve seen before. 

Everything was coming together so perfectly, and then I found out Meghan Kay Sadler would be in town, and I knew she was the only person who could perfectly capture our vision. She came in and blew us away with her translation of our ideas and our work, and this shoot wouldn’t have been possible with out her. 

And let’s not forget our amazing hair and makeup artist, Claudia Mejerle. Claudia turned our stunning model into a piece of art so she would seamlessly fit into the shoot. Claudia’s work became such an inspiration for so many aspects of the shoot, and we’re so thankful she was there to share this special day with us.

And to any brides out there reading, we did this to show you that you don’t always have to plan your wedding inside the box. You can take any of these ideas, like a red dress, or crazy colorful flowers, and use them to make your wedding original and a true reflection of your personality. An installation like this would be an amazing modern backdrop for a ceremony, and I’d love to see brides embrace ideas like this in the future! If you do, you know where to find us!”

Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Creative Direction & Design: Mary McLeod of Amy Osaba Events and Addison Searles of Twigss | Floral Design: Mary McLeod of Amy Osaba Events and Twigss | Hair and Makeup: Claudia Mejerle  | Model: Jessica Dunagan | Dress: Free People | Venue: Amy Osaba Events Studio


Comments (5)

kelsey | Reply

these rich tones are just absolutely gorgeous! :)

Meagan Claire | Reply

Amen! I just want a bride to come to me without a “color scheme.” You’re not doing yourselves any favors boxing up your florist! Oh the things I could do with a little freedom.

Chloe | Reply

I was just about to leave a comment and say, “my goodness, these all look like oil paintings” and then I read the copy. Inspiration nailed!

Sarah Fyffe | Reply

Lovely. Rich. Beautiful.

Kelsea | Reply

I had a picture in my mind of this exact type of color scheme and feeling and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this!

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