Loft Photographie sent us these lovely shots of the new Saint Isabel collection from dress designer, Ivana Krejic. Ivana works with brides all over the world to create beautiful and ethereal wedding dresses including some stunning custom pieces.  Keep reading for more on her inspiration for her newest collection.

Below Ivana shares her inspiration for this line of gowns:

The Saint Isabel 2015 collection is heavily influenced by texture and movement, with effortless romance as an underlying, connecting theme. 

The collection uses the softest silk charmeuse as a base. Some textural differences are subtle such as the difference between the different type of silk chiffons, while others are highly noticeable, such as the difference between the heavy Guipure lace (Sofia) and the dainty Chantilly lace (Cecilia). 

With movement, the focus was on the way the hem moves and interacts with external forces, specifically air. The collection starts with a classic silk crepe A-line dress (Ella) that moves closely with the body and has little interaction with anything else, and ends with a voluptuous, full chiffon dress (Ivy) that floats and has wonderful interactions with air.

Dress Designer: Ivana Krejci of Saint Isabel | Photography: Loft Photographie LLC | Styling: Without Wax, Katy | Hair & makeup: Fire Makeup | Scans: Photovision Prints


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Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

Wow, these are gorgeous! Love the different laces and fabrics, these dresses are soft and classic.