Many brides struggle with the concept of bringing bold color into their wedding design. Concern of going too primary, looking too casual, or simply not knowing how to tie together their bold choices are all valid thoughts, so we’ll let these images make a simple suggestion for you: bring in the color with your flowers. These designs were created by students attending the Little Flower School, taking inspiration from a 16th century painting technique made famous by a group of artists known as the Dutch Masters.

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More from the photographer, Holly Carlisle Photography:
“Learning new things is such an dynamic emotional experience. It can make you feel many things at once. Inspired and excited. Vulnerable and frustrated. Both intimidating and exhilarating. It’s not faint of heart. It takes courage to cast aside your fear of failure and try to delve into a new practice that you don’t fully understand. I loved being able to document these students learning from Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Owen of Little Flower School Brooklyn. I admired their tenacity and courage and was so impressed with their work. I hope these photos will inspire you to pursue learning something new. 


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