Based on this amazing set of engagement photos from the Amalfi Coast in Italy, we have a new rule: everyone must travel to Italy at least once in their life. Sounds like a dream, right? For Aston and Victoria, at least, this dream destination was the perfect choice for their engagement session with Darin Images. Turquoise seas, ancient architecture, mountainous vistas – each of these images showcases the beauty of the land and the sweet, comfortable intimacy the couple shares.

More from the photographer, Darin Images:
“When Aston asked me if I would like to shoot an engagement in Italy, I was over the moon! While we were tossing around ideas of Rome and Venice, the Amalfi coast came to mind as it had always been a dream place for his fiancee, Victoria, and for me. Apart from the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and coastal mountains cascading into a turquoise sea in a stunning panorama of picturesque villages, how could I say “No” to the origin of vongole, my all-time Italian favorite dish?
After a few months of research and preparation, we decided to shoot between Sorrento and Salerno, encompassing the most photogenic town of Positano. For the second part of our shoot, we cruised along the gorgeous coastline up then went up to the high altitude of Ravello for the grand historic villas. Working in new places is a challenge., and I am so lucky to have such amazing support.”

Photographer: Darin Limsuansub | Make-up Artist: Sandra Lovisco | Venue 1: Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano | Venue 2: Belmond Hotel Caruso | Venue 3: Villa Cimbrone | Venue 4: Restauarant Da Adolfo


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Destination Wedding Photographer | Reply

Very beautiful and inspiring photographs, I really like the colors and the mood, not to mention the scenery and the boat and lovely car. Well done.

Sarah Chancey | Reply

These photos are absolutely stunning, the backdrops are just so vibrant and romantic!

Chloe | Reply

Such simple understated beauty in these images & not a bad back drop at all! What beautiful memories & an incredible opportunity, Darin!

Callie Manion | Reply

This couple is adorable and the colors & scenery are just gorgeous! Makes me want to jump on the next plane to Italy :)

Chris Miller | Reply

Looking forward to the WeddingPhotos these images are inspiring!

Gosia | Reply

So romantic! Stunning scenery and absolutely amazing pictures,