We absolutely love the heart that went into these images. The photographer, Lauren Balingit, was inspired by a passion to celebrate our femininity as women. We cannot agree more that every woman has a beauty of her own, and that it deserves to be celebrated. This stunning series of black and white portraits reminds us that just as we are beautiful inside, every part of us is beautiful outside as well. How will you show your beauty today?

More from the photographer, Lauren Balingit:
“Growing up and into my early 20’s, I’ve always had this little flutter in my heart that wanted other girls to feel good about themselves and the way that they looked, probably because I knew how it felt to feel otherwise. Over time and after a series of small events in my own life, that feeling grew into a passion. I knew that we as women, no matter what shape, size, or ethnicity, were created so beautifully. Every curve and every freckle is something to be celebrated.”

Photography: Lauren Balignit | Film Lab: Photovision Prints


Comments (2)

Beth | Reply

Any idea where that dress is from? If it is actually a dress?


Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi Beth- it’s actually some fabric the photographer had on hand!