Sometimes we receive submission that leave us in awe…this absolutely breathtaking engagement session on the Cliffs of Moher did just that. The landscapes made the perfect canvas for Sara Donaldson to capture this exquisite couple. Keep reading for more on her inspiration.

From Sara Donaldson:

The Cliffs of Moher are like something out of a dream.  Autumn weather in Ireland ebbs and flows as if the island itself is breathing; one minute misty and cloudy, the next minute warm and sunny. The cliffs looked both stunningly majestic and mysteriously forbidding as the minutes shifted into an hour of perfection with our sweet couple.  Strong winds seemed to wrap around Hannah and Andrew, drawing them into tender, protective embraces. Their connectivity – both to each other and to the whirling winds surrounding them – was a joy to capture.

While shooting this picturesque scene, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for my one-on-one workshop experience with Erich McVey and Amy McVey. The McVeys are such genuine people who have an honest approach to teaching and a keen desire to see others grow and succeed. I walked away from this experience having captured not only spectacular moments but also a strong knowing that 2015 is going to be a very good year.

Photography: Sara Donaldson | Cape: Zara | One-on-one workshop with: Erich McVey | Makeup and Hair: Amy McVey | Venue: Cliffs of Moher, west coast of Ireland | Couple: Hannah and Andrew | Film lab: Richard Photo Lab 


Comments (10)

Lauren Wiebe | Reply

Amazing! Obviously I live in the wrong country…these images are just gorgeous!

Sara Donaldson | Reply

Thanks so much Lauren! Yes, I highly recommend spending some quality time exploring Ireland!

Gabriella Paff | Reply

Her eyes… Are they even real?! So gorgeous of a cerulean blue and with that red hair….. Just completely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

Absolutely stunning landscape, couple, and pictures! I love the bride-to-be’s texture mustard sweater with the olive poncho, it makes her eyes and hair really stand out.

Sara Donaldson | Reply

I absolutely agree.. Texture and rich color tones for clothing add so much to photographs. And her Irish eyes and hair are absolutely incredible, aren’t they!

Lindsey Kelly | Reply

wow… these are stunning! My husband and I should have had Sara and the McVeys along during our honeymoon there! ;)

Sara Donaldson | Reply

Such a happy day! Thank you so much for featuring this shoot… I couldn’t be more thrilled to be included on such a stunning blog. What a dream!

Amy | Reply

Outside my own window are cold winter grays, but this gallery has transported me far away to sun and sea. Just beautiful!

Kristen Curette | Reply

whoa. these are some of the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen. this couple is so surreal. it’s like they jump from the pages of a romance novel. stunning photographs.

Christi | Reply

This is unreal. That girl is so beautiful. The images are perfection. Amazing job!

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