There’s something so inspiring about seeing a creative soul at work, simply doing what they do best. We love the work of Holly Carlilse (Rosegolden Flowers), and here, we get to see her in her element: focused, passionate, and in tune with nature.

More from Ginny Au of Loom Curated: 

“Kaela & I are so fortunate to have such wonderful talented friends supporting us and our Loom movement. One of those is our extraordinary friend Holly Carlisle. One afternoon over a bottle of wine we told Holly about Loom and our desire to do a shoot that involved watching the art of a florist at work. Holly took this idea and curated an environment that captured the organized chaos of her world. The small groups of photographers were able to stand back and capture the movement of her hands at work, the curious thought process of her building an arrangement and the beautiful space in which she creates.”

All Images taken at Loom Series Nashville

Photography: MK Sadler | Creative Director: Ginny Au | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson | Location: Bloomsbury Farm | Botany Study Design & Florals: Holly Carlisle | Creative Assistant and MUAH: Once Wed


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