For years now, blush has been one of the wedding industry’s strongest trends. However, its current prevalence doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere anytime soon. While pink can be a controversial color, we find that utilizing blush doesn’t necessarily dictate an entirely bubblegum or uber feminine palette. A whisper of blush adds warmth, romance, and dimension. There are so many shades of blush, and they tend to play well with other colors. After all, blush is the color of candlelight and sunsets.

Thus, a light blush champagne color is also a fabulous shade for any additional lighting, providing a natural-looking and flattering glow on guests in person as well as in photos. This is just one example of how an incognito blush can round out any color scheme, whether neutral or highly saturated.

Blush for weddings isn’t just a flash in the pan phenomenon, it’s an integral element to many of our favorite palettes, often going undetected.

See if you can spot the whisper of blush that you may not have otherwise noticed in the photos in this slideshow. You may see why even when it’s not a key player, blush is a secret weapon for many wedding palettes.

If you’re looking for a more traditional take on blush, you might also enjoy this slideshow of some of our most popular blush wedding ideas.

Article by Once Wed contributor Caroline Boneham Roche