Vintage Rose Shoes

And I know others of you must have those [painfully discontinued!] Pedro Garcia shoes from the inspiration board. While I know there is nothing like the real thing, here are some (much more affordable!) alternatives. And I think wrapping a nice mauve silk satin ribbon, stirrup and ballerina style in the crook of your heel and up 1. or 6. and up your ankle is not a bad alternative for $70-80!

1. $69 Chinese Laundry 2. $3/yd M&J Trimming 3. $180 Badgley Mischka 4. $200 Badgley Mischka 5. $65 Bebe 6. $55 Modcloth 7. $355 Stewart Weitzman 8. On sale for $357 Casadei 9. $130 Steve Madden 10. $80 Steve Madden 11. $168 Anthropologie 12. $95 Paris Hilton 13. $90 Charles 14. $89 Luichiny 15. $365 L.A.M.B. 16. $180 Badgley Mischka

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Tracy | Reply

These are all pretty, but the glittery peep-toes are especially rad. I used to think glitter was too over the top for anything but New Year’s Eve or grade-school craft projects, but it’s beginning to grow on me. Maybe it was really just sequins I disliked all along.

Sara | Reply

I absolutely LOVE shoe #9. I featured them on my NYE glitter post (

great selection of shoes all around!

Cinnamon Bun | Reply

Pretty! What about the bride who wants to wear flats, though?

Jen | Reply

Love the shoes, but what about some flats! I’m finding that to be one of the hardest things to find for my wedding attire: suitable, beautiful FLATS!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

Amazing shoes!! My favourites are number 10, I love the soft chiffon for the bows!!

annawithlove | Reply

this just made me want to go shoe shopping…sigh! love.

Myra | Reply

Oh my. I just fell in love with those Miss Albrights! Alas, I need a much, much shorter heel. IDEA FOR THE NEXT POST: “Vintage Rose Kitten Heel Roundup” That or: “How to Lose Vertical Inches Before Your Wedding Day” :)

Lauren | Reply

You are amazing and I love this site so much.
Thank you for all the help.
This is GREAT!

Pippin Schupbach | Reply

what about flats? some brides are a bit taller than their grooms…like me. otherwise these shoes are beautiful.

Lisa | Reply

I would love to see some flats or low heeled shoes.

Meg Sylvia | Reply

Love this post! I’ve been searching everywhere for a pair like Number 8!

Clea | Reply

the worst part of being vegan & not wearing anything that comes from an animal – SHOES! I wish there where more designer cruelty free shoes…

styleezta | Reply

great finds! I want ALL of them :)

Mary Collette | Reply

Gorgeous! Anyone know where I can find #4?

joythigpen | Reply

Mary Collette, thanks for pointing that out–the link on #4 is working now!

punchi | Reply

Gorgeous colorful shoe materials

Melissa | Reply

Awesome segment – Please keep doing these! I’m the maid of honor in a wedding with a color scheme of yellow and gray: hint, hint.

Debbie | Reply

They have ones extremely similar to number at Target right now! I think they are about 20-30$. They’re great quality too.

Debbie | Reply

*** oops forgot the 6
They have ones extremely similar to number SIX at Target right now! I think they are about 20-30$. They’re great quality too.

Lisa | Reply

FYi for those who love # 4. They are on sale at for $105.


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