Over the past three years, Pearl & Godiva have built an eponymous brand and reputation for creating out of this world and beauteous events and editorial shoots. After many many requests, they finally designed a workshop especially for artisan vendors in the wedding industry and this beauteous shoot was created for the first of their series of 2014 workshops entitled ‘The Styling Pilgrimage’

We choose to host the shoot in this breath-taking setting, nestled in an oasis in the desert but not far outside Marrakech. We were more than thrilled to be able to collaborate with Jen Huang, her tender style of photography and her manner in which she approaches a subject was a perfect partnership for us and our vision for this very unique experience we had to offer to our participants.”

This shoot is based on a fable – an exquisite and delicate girl, unravelling her heart and soul to a boy. The story starts with glimpses of her by herself, cocooned in her little world, a little shy and lonely, till she begins to blossom when she meets her very soulmate. Together they embrace a path of love and explorations. He lifts her veil to the world and releases her beauty and luminosity. The couple become inseparable, translucent, an honest journey where one figure seems to deliquesces into the other.

As with all their shoots and events , they step outside of the box and cast off staid conventions  as well as tell a story with their unique visual language that  is both organic and avant garde. All of their projects carry  a narrative that seems to breathe life into the imagery. You can visit one of their workshops where they  tell all…..

Find out more here about the upcoming ‘The Styling Pilgrimage’ with Erich Mc Vey  hosted in the duo’s homeland of Ireland. Sigh, think of those soft irish mists, alluring lakes and all that ivy…

, Styling and Creative Direction: Pearl & Godiva | Photography : Jen Huang with Nevealbums | Make Up Artist: Lora Kelley | Hair stylist :  Lora Kelley | Stationery: Maybelle Imasa | Moroccan Wedding Dress:  Sourced on location |  Lace Gown: Sourced by Pearl & Godiva customised by Sarah Foy Design | Earrings and Necklace: Kristin Hayes | Crown: Fleur Jewellery | Ring: Delphi Antiques | Pearled Shoulder Boudoir piece :  Fleur Jewellery | Model Eve & Chun: Distinct Model Management, | All props and decor”  Pearl & Godiva | Shot on location at one of our Pearl & Godiva Workshops 2014, The Styling Pilgrimage in Morocco.



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Emilia Jane | Reply

Truly stunning! <3

Kat - RocknRollBride | Reply

damn, this is so beautiful!

Michael Radford | Reply

Jen! This is absolutely gorgeous! Great work.

Jen Huang | Reply

I had such an amazing time with the absolutely charming Pearl and Godiva and all the wonderful vendors who worked on this shoot… Morocco is a beautiful country and what a wonderful experience to have with our amazing attendees too! This shoot makes me swoon!!! xoxo Jen

Pearl | Reply

Thanks so much for featuring this everyone at Once Wed. Sheena and I could not be more happy and grateful to all the beautiful attendees who went home with a cleansed vision and their hearts full of fresh sources of creativity. Forever indebted we are to Jen Huang and ALL the vendors who made this workshop possible. Thanks so much Pearl xo

Nikkol | Peter Loves Jane | Reply

So beautiful. The unexpected shots of her feet and fabrics are perfectly stunning. Well done!

Elisa @ Elisa Event Design | Reply

Truly enchanting! P&G, you got my thoughts to unravel and drift to beautiful, far away places…a real treat, this shoot!

Annabel - Love My Dress | Reply

Gosh this is incredibly, incredibly gorgeous on so many levels. I’m such a huge fan girl of Pearl & Godiva, their work is breathtaking, as is this photography.