Fun Tropical Wedding Ideas

1. Extra Fine art by Michelle Armas 2. “Make it Beautiful” Project by Erin Jang via Once Upon A Fold 3. image unknown 4. Worshiping Winter Citrus by Design*Sponge



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antique engagement rings | Reply

I love all the colors.. wonderful!

Jayson and Rachael - Richmond wedding photographer | Reply

Incredible idea! We have a bride to be looking to do something like this! Thanks for the information! -Jayson and Rachael

Kathy -paper wedding | Reply

This is a wonderful idea!

antique engagement rings | Reply

Its a great idea.. thanks for sharing!

Caroline C | Reply

Although everything was beautiful at the Kinfolk dinner, these garlands impressed me most. I am so glad you posted this!
Which leaves were used in the garland for the dinner? One of the three listed?