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A little bit of history behind the bride’s dress…

The gown I am wearing is called “Ao Dai.”  They are the traditional gowns women wear in Vietnam (where my parents are originally from).  Many young women wear these gowns on a day to day basis say to school or something, however it is very plain, all white and no hat.

What I wore is the traditional gown that brides wear when they get married, however what makes it more “wedding like” is the choice of fabic, and the hat.  Typically brides wear a flashier brighter color to signify happiness and good fortune as they step into the next stage of their life as a married woman.  And also to let everyone know “hey I’m the bride!” Only brides wear the matching hat.  The hat is not worn on a regular basis since it is only meant for a bride’s wedding day.

Photography by Jose Villa



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lacie hansen | Reply

LOVE ! so beautiful jose !

Sophia | Reply

This is gorgeous! The light is incredible :)

NIna | Reply

As always, I love. I’m so glad Once Wed shared this one. It’s so amazing to see the way different cultures and countries celebrate and dress for weddings. I love that the bride shared the history of the dress. SO awesome!

Bea | Reply

I love how her dress sparkles up against his dashing suit.

virginia | Reply

I am blown away by how beautiful these images are. I love how you are highlighting wedding attire from various cultures. Great job!

asian wedding photography | Reply

The bride looks stunning, western brides often go for a white dress but this stunning sparkly number looks great and very glamorous.

bridal girl | Reply

Wow! Love the dress it is so sparkly!

Sarah B | Reply

Completely in love with this one <3

Hattiesburg Wedding Photographers | Reply

I love the uniqueness of the dress and the pictures are stunning!