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A more earthy option, a mocha or taupe dress might be a good choice for a bride who feels a little uncomfortable with the spotlight on her all day….or who just likes the color. This is a Fleur Wood dress from BHLDN and is only $400 which is not bad if you wear it as a wedding gown! Which may mean you could splurge on the Alexander McQueen Crystal Suede Heels???

Photography by Elizabeth Messina / Hair and makeup by Erin Skipley / Flowers by Mindy Rice / Mushroom Cake by Erica O’Brien


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annawithlove | Reply

very beautiful and calming.

kaitlyn | Reply

loving all these tinted dresses.. keep them coming!

kate | Reply

love the ethereal feel of all of this, and please tell me where those shoes are from!

Anne-Marie | Reply

I adore everything as well but the bouquet is my favorite. What are the flowers in it?

joythigpen | Reply

oh, thanks kate! the last sentence hadn’t saved! its up in the top now…

anne-marie, the roses are juliette, there’s some antique hydrangea, some fritillaria, some vintage velvet poppy heads, i think? and gold painted ferns….mindy might be able to fill you in better but that’s at least a start :)

laura | Reply

Pretty perfect!

WedinStyle Wedding planner in Vietnam | Reply

love the dresses, also the cake—it’s soo cute!

Lisa | Reply

Absolutely love this post…so beautiful and romantic and the cake is unique. Love it!

Mindy Rice | Reply

Hi Anne-Marie!

For this bouquet I chose a combination of Dusty Hellebore, Fritillaria, vintage velvet Poppy pods , gilded fern leaf, Dusty Miller and yes…my favorite Juliette roses!

christina {simply modern} | Reply

the shoes are to die for!!! love this whole color palette!

AbiQ | Reply

Elizabeth is a genius. That cake is beautiful and so are the flowers. I never leave comments but I’m too in love not to. Amazing.

Tear Stained Wedding Napkins | Reply

This is just lovely… made me relaxed…

Naomi | Reply

The last image is just perfection!

christelle is flabbergasting | Reply

Wow! This cake is gorgeous and the last shot is incredible! Love the composition!
Thanks for having such an inspiring blog!

Kristina – Photo Booth Rentals in MA | Reply

Great wedding dress. It’s really unique and elegant. Thanks for sharing this to us.