I am so excited to announce one of my new favorites, The Jewels of New York, is branching out to create custom sweets for all types of celebration and events including weddings. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their site, you are definitely missing out. I’ve admired every one of their recipes since first seeing their work a couple months back and thrilled to hear they will be lending their incredible talent to events now. I love the images Diana just sent me below from a recent Earth Day event at Thistle & Clover in Brooklyn, NY. They created miniature topiary chocolate cupcakes and passed out a variety of heirloom seeds to promote gardening and seasonal eating. Thanks, Diana!


[Images c/o The Jewels of New York]


Comments (7)

Mallory | Reply

I am so over the cupcake thing for weddings, but these are perfection. So glad to see people taking an idea and making it all their own. Rock on.

Jenny | Reply

the packaging is super cute too. great job all around!

Diana | Reply

This is so great! I love this idea!

Kara | Reply

The cupcakes above are adorable. The idea of using little trees is lovely!!!!!

Bridechka | Reply

Those cupcakes rock my world. My whole world!

ABANY | Reply

these are absolutely gorgeous. what a creative, yet chic treat! i love love love the heirloom seed packet designs as well. so 1920s. love it.

alison | Reply

those little green trees are SO darn cute!!

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