Have you checked out Flash Dance yet? If not, your missing out. Our Labor of Love(fabulous photography), Max Wanger(more fabulous photography), and Michael Antonia(incredible dj) are 3 big reasons why you need to go right now. They just did a little mini expose on Jen and Jamie, the lovely ladies behind


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Danica | Reply

Max and Our Labor of Love? How fun! I am going over there pronto.

Alana | Reply

I would die to visit their studio. Too bad its on the other side of the world from me:(.

Becca | Reply

Looks like a fun concept. Max is def a fav of mine.

Ben | Reply

I just found out about flash dance and love what they are doing. The music is great.

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride | Reply

I just did an interview with Michael on my blog… he’s DJing our wedding in October! Go check it out :)